Welcome to Spa at Yamaguchi House

 We are very pleasure to announce the opening of our Day Spa at a heritage site, Yamaguchi House in Hakone, Ohiradai Onsen.
 Yamaguchi family was the founder and the former management of Fujiya Hotel which has a longtime hospitality tradition for the international traveler in Hakone since 1878.
 My grandfather, Kenkichi M. Yamaguchi, who built this house in 1930 married to the second daughter of the founder of Fujiya Hotel and joined the Yamaguchi family.
 He was the president of Fujiya Hotel during the war and the occupation Japan era and also the last owner management of Yamaguchi family.
 I was grown up in this house and my grandpa loved me very much. It means Yamaguchi House is the origin of my life and career as an author who wrote many travel and nonfiction books.
 We welcome you as a very important guest of Yamaguchi family and offer the tailor-made treatments based on Ayurveda originally from India and nature origin products.
Our concept is the unique collaboration.
 We can offer the treatments which improve your health and beauty and the culture experience which share a hidden family story and a historical space only open for the spa guests such as the private museum at the same occasion.
 Also, we are a secret retreat only service for advance reservations.
 Please enjoy a very special moment never seen and nobody done in Hakone.
 We look forward to seeing you very soon at the white house inspired by the early Modernism architecture which located in the front of the Ohiradai station.

Owner Yumi Yamaguchi

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