Architecture of the Yamaguchi House

The Yamaguchi House to be able to appreciate as the relic of the western style house in the beginning of the Showa period(1920-30s) ──It was estimated as the cultural property which informed the introduction process of the western life style to Hakone as the same as Fujiya Hotel. It also means "It is not easy to reproduce".And the Yamaguchi House became the registered tangible cultural property of Japan in 2015.
 The Yamaguchi House was built in 1930 for the private house, which Kenkichi Yamaguchi, who was an auditor of Fujiya Hotel at that time and his wife, Sadako who was the second daughter of the founder of Fujiya Hotel lived their life. The master carpenter who built the house was Tokujiro Kawahara.
 He was known as the person who was contracted to build Fujiya Hotel Main Dinning Room (1930/ the registered tangible cultural property) and Fujiya Hotel Flower Palace (1935/ the registered tangible cultural property).
 The exterior of the Yamaguchi House is painted white and coordinated in simple western design. Its characteristics are not ostentatious, even though it is the western house in Japan.
 That will show Kenkichi's earnest character and the purpose of the house was not the welcoming their guests.

 Following the entrance, you can see the hall and the grand staircase on the first floor, the living room, the study room and the dining room are also located on the same floor. Normally the western house in the beginning of Showa had the Japanese room for their family and the drawing room for their guests, but there were not these kind of separate rooms in the Yamaguchi House. Their western room has been just for their family.

 On the other hand, The Japanese house in a Sukiya style ( a style of a tea ceremony arbor) next to the Main House was extended in the late 1950s after the war.
 This was built contrary to the Main House as the Guest House, which welcome foreign guests of Fujiya Hotel during the golden age for Kenkichi, when he was the managing director.
 This Japanese House was also to complete the Main House, and estimated the registered tangible cultural property of Japan.

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