Your Experience at Spa

1. Welcome to Spa at Yamaguchi House

 We are located in the front of Hakone Tozan Railway's Ohiradai Station, or just next to the Bus stop, Ohiradai station.
 You can find the gate of the Spa at Yamaguchi House with the sign of " Ohira-so大平荘.
 Please enter the gate and proceed upstairs under the wisteria trellis, so you can find the entrance of our House. Your Therapist greets you.
 We are also very happy to welcoming you at the gate, if you have informed us your arrival.details.
 Could you please tell us before if you plan to come Spa at Yamaguchi House by car.We are available parking lots and the valet parking.

2. Enjoy our welcome drink

 You can enjoy many selections of our welcome drinks including herbal tea,Indian spice tea and our recommendation, natural spring water of Ohiradai.

3. Consultation

 Our spa provides two kinds of treatments, KALRALI Ayurveda and Hakone Time Ritual which are all custom- made treatments.
  We have many selections of oil and products. Your therapist selects the best one for you to meet individual needs.

 You have to choose a treatment menu if you try to make a reservation in our internet booking system.
 If you have any questions, Please contact us by a contact form or Tel 0460-83-8757

Please visit Spa Menu to confirm the details of our treatment.

4. Before treatment

  We provide supplements(complimentary) if you like.
 All our supplements are non high temperature processing and made from naturally derived materials.
 Please enjoy with confidence.

5. To realize the effects of your treatment

 We provide a body composition meter. Please try to measure body fat, visceral fat, bone mass, total body water, etc. before and after your treatment if you like.
 You can realize the effects of treatment by figures.

6. Spa experience

 After consultation, your therapist invite you a treatment room.,If you make a booking for a couple, we provide either same room or separate rooms.
 Could you please forgive us if you do not meet your request.During treatment, if you have any concern, please do not hesitate to tell your therapist.

7. What to bring

 We provide amenities such as towels, hair dryer, basic skin care products, but please bring cosmetics to make-up.
 If you wear contact lenses, please bring a case for them if you have.

8. Utility time for a treatment room

 Your total treatment time includes a consultation, shower, dressing.
 If you need more time, we are happy to provide an another room.

9. Site tour of House

 After your treatment, please relax with a hot beverage.
 We are happy to invite a site tour of Yamaguchi House,if you request.

 I remain at your entire disposal for any further request and assistance during your treatment. Please don't hesitate to ask your therapist for your concern.

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