KAIRALI Ayurveda

The world oldest anti-aging therapy
This is the real authentic treatment from South India
KAIRALI Ayurveda

KAIRALI Ayurveda Group is the company based on a long family lineage of traditional Ayurvetic Doctors in South India.
We offer the authentic treatments which use KAIRALI products and skills in Hakone.
After oil massage, we provide a heat mat sauna to sweat your body. KAIRALI herbal oil secretly handed down in the family looks very clear, but contains rich milk helps to wash up clean with vegetable saponin scrub. That process is the very special feature in KAIRALI Ayurveda.
Please enjoy a smooth touch of the skin after treatment and detoxification effects.
Also you can enjoy ONSEN shower after all KAIRALI Ayureveda treatments.

Classic 120mints(Treatment 90mins) including ONSEN shower
¥30,000(excluding tax)

This is a fundamental Ayurvedic treatment .Our highly trained therapist selects several kinds of KAIRALI traditional oil come down from the ancient time to meet individual needs. After oil massage we provide a heating mat to sweat your body. This process improves a metabolism of the cell. So it is very effective for anti- aging.

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Vasti 120mints(Treatment 90mins) including ONSEN shower
¥35,000(excluding tax)

This is the treatment which makes the bank on your body and pour warm oil.Our highly trained therapist selects to meet individual needs from "KATI VASTI" which makes the bank on your back to approach the backbone directly or "URO VASTI" which makes clear your chest and help to breathe more easily or "GRIVA VASTI" makes relaxed your nervous system.




Dhara 120mints(Treatment 90mins) including ONSEN shower
¥35,000(excluding tax)

This treatment make an action for the sensibility of five senses of human, such as the sense of the hearing, the vision, the touch and the smelling. We provide several Dhara such as "SIRODHARA" which pouring oil or "TAKURADHARA" made from milk, etc. Our highly trained therapist selects the best one to meet individual needs.

アーユルヴェーダ アーユルヴェーダ



Ball 130mints(Treatment 100mins) including ONSEN shower
¥37,000(excluding tax)

After the basic oil massage same as Classic, we provide an Ayuvedic herbal ball.Our highly trained therapist selects to meet individual needs from "ERAKULI" which improve Lymph circulation and smooth your muscle or "KARIKIRI" which improve a moisture metabolism and a cellulite care or "PORIKIRI" which makes smooth around your joints.




Royal 150mints(Treatment 120mins) including ONSEN shower
¥42,000(excluding tax)

During the time we provide, our highly trained therapist selects 2 kinds of our KAIRALI Ayurveda treatment to meet individual needs and offers a special tailor-made Ayurvedic treatment just for you.


〇90mints / ¥15,000(excluding tax)


〇60mints / ¥12,000(excluding tax)


〇30mints / ¥8,000(excluding tax)



◆The listed time is your change of clothes, is a standard plus the time, such as counseling.

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