Wakaba Nishoda


Spa consultant.
Healing is committed to spread to various natural remedies of Asia to pursue health together, we are of the spa therapist training, presentations at exhibitions and seminars, the writing activities of beauty magazines.
In 2001, do the Kailali Inc. and business alliance of India, has focused on dissemination activities of Ayurveda to Japan along with the Kailali company representative, and opened a "Kailali School Japan Campus" for the Ayurvedic therapist training. We have done technical training and training to a variety of salon owner later.

And it operates a direct management of Ayurveda spa in Tokyo.

The main writing
And in the series he contributed "Ayurvedic essence" from January 2014 (No.77).

Major publications
"Tradition beauty therapy of Asia" (Fragrance Journal)

Direct management Spa and School
Ayus Inc. ~SPA-salons Asia traditional therapy and Ayurveda~
Ayurveda spa Kairali Yokohama Motomachi
Kailali Institute in Japan

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