Historic western house as a cultural property

 During 1920-30s in Japan, western houses existed as the symbol of their wealth or as the house for entertaining their guests. So normally they relaxed and spent their private time in Japanese rooms even they had a western house.
   But Yamaguchi House was so unique that existed just for the family of the owner and the management of the hotel, it means they had a place to entertain their guests.   Even though the house was built by the same master carpenter who built the typical brilliant architecture of Fujiya Hotel such as the flower palace and the main dining, this house was not ostentatious, but neat, clean, simple and modern appearance. That may be the display of the character of the owner of the house, Kenkichi, which was very earnest.
 After the value of the house was estimated by the investigation of Hakone town, it became the registered tangible cultural property of Japan in 2015.
 We are a secret retreat only service for advance reservations. So you can enjoy the special experience which has the spa treatment just for you as the guest of Yamaguchi family. That is also the attractive point of us.

 Fujiya Hotel is famous as the oldest western hotel in Japan, which continuously existed since their opening. So the history of the Yamaguchi family, the founder of Fujiya Hotel ,is the modern history of Hakone itself.
 We have some display of the family's precious materials, photos from the family albums, and the tableware for the family, It is a private museum just for our guests.

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