Yumi Yamaguchi  (Official HP


 Yumi Yamaguchi was born in Hakone, Ohiradai in 1962, as a great granddaughter of the founder of Fujiya Hotel. The owner of Yamaguchi House, Kenkichi Yamaguchi is her grandfather.
 She graduated from the faculty of Law at Keio University, and started her career as a freelance reporter of trade magazines and papers concerned Hotel and Travel, after that she became an author.
 She travels all over the world, including not only Asia and Western countries, but also South Pacific and Africa.
 She won the 19th Shogakukan Nonfiction Prize for "Eugene Smith, 1100 days, which was dedicated for Minamata" in 2012.
 She has published many books in Japanese, "A story of Fujiya Hotel in Hakone", "Aman legend" and " Tropical Architect an adventure of .Geoffrey Bawa" etc.

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